Selective Building Envelope Remediation

Located in Burnaby, BC, this project consisted of a selective building envelope remediation to the two-story, steel-concrete addition building to an elementary school. The scope of work included the following:

  • Replacement of the stucco cladding.
  • Complete replacement of all exterior framed walls and their associated components.
  • Complete replacement of exterior windows and automatic window shutters, with all associated components.
  • Replacement of the soffit assembly.
  • Remediation of exterior doors, and installation of new door canopies.
  • Removal of corrosion stains on architectural steel columns.
  • Crack and surface repairs to concrete walls.
  • Structural repairs to moisture-affected steel framed furring.
  • Replacement of downspouts.
  • Installation of new waterproofing membrane and insulation on the exterior of the foundation wall.
selective building envelope remediation project - before

Before the building envelope remediation at the addition building.

selective building envelope remediation project - after shot

After completion of the building envelope remediation.