Courtyard Landscape Replacement & Parkade Slab Assembly Remediation

Located in Whistler, BC, this project consisted of courtyard landscape replacement and parkade slab assembly remediation to a multi-unit residential building. The scope of work included the following:

  • At the underground parking slab, removal of the existing waterproofing membrane and application of new; replacement of all floor drains; and installation of flashing and all associated work.
  • Removal of the patio doors, application of new waterproofing membrane, and reinstallation of patio doors.
  • Removal, cleaning, and reinstallation of the pavers (cobblestones) from the patios.
  • Removal and replacement of plants, gravel, planters, concrete curbs, retaining, insulation, and soil.
  • Concrete rehabilitation of the courtyard and patios, including cleaning, crack and damage repair, and filling of voids.
  • Removal and replacement of floor drains at the courtyard and patios, and connection of new drains to existing plumbing system.
  • Renovation of the pool and hot tub area, including installation of new heating conduits, replacement of tiles, and installation of new barbecues.
Lake Placid Lodge before

Before landscape restoration.

Lake Placid Lodge After Landscape Remediation

After landscape restoration.