4 Storey Strata Building

Located in Vancouver, BC, this project consisted of a building envelope remediation on South and East elevations to a 4-storey strata building. During construction Strata approved expanding the scope of work beyond windows and walls to also include wor at the balconies. The complete scope of work included the following:

  • Complete replacement of the wall assemblies and associated components.
  • Complete replacement of all windows and their associated components.
  • Repairs to damaged wall framing.
  • Removal and replacement of brick veneer at select areas.
  • Replacement of all exterior trim, except for roof trim.
  • Repairs to interior finishes required due to wall and window remediation work.
  • Replacement of balcony windows and doors and their associated components.
  • Replacement of existing railings with new face-mounted railings.
  • Replacement of all balcony decks and associated components.
  • Installation of new balcony gutters, downspouts, and provision of connections to building’s existing perimeter drainage system.
  • Removal and reinstallation of exterior light fixtures.

4 storey strata building before

Before the building envelope remediation.

Dunbar 4 Storey Strata Building After

After completion of the building envelope remediation.