Multi-Family Residential Building Envelope Repair

Located in Vancouver, BC, this project is a 4-storey complex that consisted of a partial building envelope repair, centre of the North elevation of the building:

  • Full cladding replacement and all balcony and deck rehabilitation, which will include but not be limited to new railings and new balcony membrane, including re-sloping of the balconies, new vented soffits and new canopy by the entrance to the amenity room.
  • Structural repairs (as required) to all walls, balconies/deck, and other structures located within the building envelope in the area of repairs.
  • Complete replacement of all windows and doors, with the exception of the main entrance doors which is to remain in place.
  • Tie-in waterproofing detailing at the wall bases between the existing membrane and new membrane application as shown on the drawings.
  • Exterior light fixtures relocation and replacement.

This picture displays the finished product.

After the Building Envelope Repair

This is a shot of the 4 storey building in Vancouver before the project began.

Before - Multi-Family Envelope Repair Project