Building Envelope Remediation

Located in Surrey, BC, this project is an 8-storey building with a total of 180 units. The work consisted of a selective building envelope remediation:

  • Replacement of all existing exterior doors (with the exception of solid metal doors) and windows on all elevations with new.
  • All necessary work for replacement of the windows and doors including but not limited to reframing, replacement of drywall and insulation, trimwork, painting and waterproofing around the windows and the doors.
  • All existing windows security bars must be removed, cleaned, primed, painted and reinstalled.
  • Concrete surface repairs to all elevations including but not limited to repairing the cracks, bug holes and honeycombing.
  • Concrete façade cleaning and painting to all elevations, including but not limited to pressure washing, sealing and painting.
  • Removal and disposal of all concrete planters and fill in the gap between the existing surfaces.

before remediation project