Envelope Remediation, Parkade Insulation and Planter Remediation

Located in Vancouver, BC, this project consisted of remediation of the building envelope, insulation of the underground parkade, and remediation of the planters for a three-storey mixed-use residential and commercial building. The scope of work included the following:

  • Replacement of waterproofing assembly in two outdoor planters.
  • Application of insulation at the ceiling of the parkade.
  • Replacement of cladding and all associated components at lower-level units.
  • Complete replacement of windows and sliding doors.
  • Removal, remediation, and reinstallation of swing doors.
  • Installation of new gutters, downspouts, and concrete splash pads.
  • Replacement of patio deck and all associated components at selected unit.
  • Replacement of exterior insulation at selected unit.
  • Interior repairs as necessary to the exterior remediation work.

Shorewinds before planter remediation

Before and after remediation of the planter assemblies.

Shorewinds after planter assembly remediation

Shorewinds before patio assembly remediation

Before and after the patio assembly remediation.

Shorewinds after patio assembly remediation